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Why AWS Cloud9 IDE?

Because browser based IDEs are the best ;-)

ok, seriously, let's elaborate....why do i prefer AWS Cloud9 IDE over local IDE? a few reasons:


* Cloud IDE is provisioned & protected & governed within the specific company cloud perimeter & security controls.

* when the dev env lives within the project in the specific cloud account, it is the most secure and easiest to lock down & secure in case of a breach or termination.

* less code leaks from local insecure or stolen laptops / workstations


* offloading development resources (CPU, memory, storage) from my local laptop to a cloud based development environment is my preference, especially when working on multiple projects at the same time where each environment may be different framework and runtime versions.

If you are developing in AWS and

if you are asking yourself:

Cloud9 vs VS Code / Visual Studio

Cloud9 vs PyCharm

Cloud9 vs Sublime

Cloud9 vs Vim ;-)

Cloud9 vs Eclipse (yuck)

Cloud9 vs JetBrains

Cloud9 vs PHPStorm (more to discuss)

then hopefully this article helps you decide.


further discuss pros/cons

add example debugging with python

link to further examples

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