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What Good Looks Like? Starting a Well Architected AWS Project

Updated: Apr 26

The problem is, you don’t know what good looks like - till you either a) see good with your own eyes and/or b) make all the mistakes possible till you figure out what good looks like on your own, based on all the good, the bad & the ugly that you built yourself…((and then comes the over / re- engineering problem but that’s a different blog topic…))

As for me?…all of the above…i made the ugly, painful mistakes, then after lessons learned, started to build the right way, and was fortunate enough to have my hacks verified & validated by the industry best, in the real world…

As an AWS cloud consultant working for AWS Advanced & Gold Partners, I get to see many people’s “backyards“….I step into many AWS environments, all types of organizations; commercial & government, while everyone is trying to run to adopt the cloud, and transform their on-prem applications to cloud native, or “lift & shift” as-is, or build new applications and each with their ideas on how to make a beautiful backyard…

Well, lemme tell ya somtn….i saw some pretty messy, disorganized, out of control backyards out there and it ain’t pretty!

Tons of money spent & wasted on doing things the wrong way, futile arguments between inexperienced, uncertified, unqualified engineers & architects arguing what to build, how to build, one way more broken than the other….

((....think Jinga towards the end of the game before it is about to collapse with a bunch of people running around it executing manual processes…yikes! ))